We supply the whole possible range of indoor and outdoor plants, in concepts or promotions. We have the most actual offers and choose for the shortest route from producers to our customers. The plants can be supplied in every possible way, in boxes, trollies or displays but can also be packed as added value gifts in baskets, ceramics, glass or wood. Our products are ready for sale with selling price, fresh guarantee and origin or environmental information. Irrespective of the volume of the order, Zyon Group takes care to the finest detail that everything is professionally organized. Our team of buyers, sales and technical specialists make sure that our plants are of the right quality, freshness, maturity stage and uniformity. We always deliver our customer’ specification.


Are you curious about what our conceptual advice and balanced assortment can mean for your organization's flower- and plantcategory? Please contact us through email or call (+31)1742 10750.